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Comics I read regularly
Sexy Losers (R)
by Hard
This comic started the adult comics trend. It is so famous that I don't need to explain what it's all about, just go and read. update weekly
krakow (R)
by Sean Lindsay
All sort of bad girls, Must be seen to believe. Update 3 times a week.
by Kurt Hassler
A plain highschool girl switch body with a powerful, elf sorceress. Action adventure took place in a fantasy land.
Wapsi Square
by Paul Taylor
Following the interesting lives of a group of charming girls, Excellent art and presentation
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic (R)
by Ghastly
Tentacle Monsters and hentai comics humor. Update weekly
by Brion Foulke.
Long running popular online manga, Drama and adventure; magic and swords fight.
Wendy Comic (ended)

by Josh Lesnick:
About girls
Counter Culture
By Omi and Jawaboy
Welcome to J-Mart, a Department-store from hell.
Penny and Aggie
by Gisele Lagace.
Humour daily comic strip about two girls

Cool Cat Studio (ended)
by Gisele Lagace




Comics I check occasionaly
RPG World
by Ianj
Not a comic about RPG game, but a comic that the charccters are commonly found in RPG games.
Rule of Make Believe
by Ju-Lain and Shinyu
Shoujo style virtual fighting game manga, (inspired by Yu Ki Oh?)
Life on Forbez (active on and off)
by CDC
Aliens, Humor, drama. DBZ style drawing

by Space Coyote:

A futuristic action drama. lovely act and engaging story.

 Kung Fool!
by H.S. Kim
A funny comic about a Kung Fu chick and a Kung Fu man.
(Back again)
 Ghost Hunters
by Eunice. P
Adventure of some ghost hunters.
great drawing, (Eunice is my old pal, visit her site please)
Okashina Okashi
by Emi-chan and Tanzy
Shoujo style humor comic, (inspired by Magic Knight RayEarth?)
by Locke
Locke is a pro, His works are like O'Great's with lesse porn
Post Sex Clean Up (R) (inactive)
by Melissa Prosser
Two ladies running a sex toy store.update Weekly
by Tatusya Ishida
One of the most popular strips. Almost 15k visitors a day.Update daily.
Errant Story
by Poe

Exploitation Now (ended)
by Poe
Tsunami Channel
by Akira Hasegawa
Similar art style to Mega Toyko but superior in quality. The story is also much better than MT.
Toy Division
Cute SD character doing all kind of kinky stuff. (Those characters are not kids. Just some peope having bigger heads and eyes than normal adults.)
Luminosity Pro
by Jason Kim and Wind-X
Silence Comic (inactive)
by Motoi motoni

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