Tang's Weekly Comic Archive 2008

 Posted Date  Titles
15-Jan-08 Return of TWC
 22-Jan-08  Rotten Brain
 29-Jan-08  Anna's Killer Pole Dance (1)
 05-Feb-08  Anna's Killer Pole Dance (2)
 12-Feb-08  D-4's New Swimsuit (1)
 19-Feb-08  D-4's New Swimsuit (2)
 26-Feb-08  Pam Home Alone
 04-Mar-08  Comic and I
 11-Mar-08  Mother and the Dog
 18-Mar-08  The Root of Crimes
25-Mar-08 Twelve Angry Monkeys (part 1: Tang)
01-Apr-08 Twelve Angry Monkeys (part 2: Chan Sing)
 08-Apr-08  Twelve Angry Monkeys (part3: Nurse Judy)
 15-Apr-08  Fung Yee VS. King Kong
 22-Apr-08  Boy Caught In Headlight
 29-Apr-08  Rear End Accident
 06-May-08  Rotten Ladies
13-May-08  Why Go On?
 20-May-08  Puppy Eyes VS. Hungry Eyes
 27-May-08  Mr.Tofu's End
 03-Jun-08  One Hot Summer Day
 10-Jun-08  The Happy Life of Diana-03
 17-Jun-08  Myth of Hypnotize (1)
 24-Jun-08  Myth of Hypnotize (2)
 01-Jul-08  Happy Canada Day
 25-Aug-08  Fault Advertisement
 12-Dec-08  The Show Must Go On