Author / Main character

Gay Looking designer

Old Tang
They are the same person. . .



Main character / Taoist priestess / Part time waitress / Angry chick

Fung Yee

Phenix's master / Taoist priestess /Martial art instructor



Killer robot / College student / Part time waitress / small time slut


Super computer / Scientist / Diana-03's mom/ mature woman in a 12 years old body


Sexy robot / playmate of the year / Diana-03's sister / Big time slut / Currently missing

Lisa Hawken

Main character / 6 years old girl (some times older) / Always get Tang into trouble

Helen Hawken

Lisa's mom /Full time house wife

John Hawken

Lisa's dad / Typical Canadian middle class salary man

Silvia McCelent

Lisa's best friend / 6 years old girl (some times older) /Always dresses in white


Cat Angle / 6 years old girl (some times older) / Enemy of all small halpless animals

Chan Sing

Kung Fu boy / Very dumb


Linda Wong

Hong Kong Police/ Helen's best friend / No expression on her face

Wong Yon

Kung Fu man/not very smart

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